Drew Kendrick

Creative Director / Producer

Hi, my name is Drew Kendrick and I'm a Creative Director / Producer from Atlanta, Georgia USA. I started in the industry as a model back in 2013. After creating many of my own concepts in modeling over the years I discovered a passion in the art of the creative and production processes. Since then I've been creating fashion and commercial content for others. I love being able to bring creatives together to produce new amazing content that's never been fabricated before. I'm shooting for the stars in my endeavors as a Director.

You have to be your own motivator.. your own dreamer.. and your own biggest fan.. because no one will ever believe in you or your dreams as much as you will...
-Drew Kendrick



Models represent everything that our society views as great in life. It's more than just selling products and representing brands. We represent the maximum potential that everyone can achieve no matter what they are pursiung. We are "Role models" but instead of any one specific role, we represent the best in whatever we are hired for. In other words being a model means that you are selling potential, inspiration, goals, and Happiness.


Height: 5'9 | 180cm

Weight: 160lbs | 72.5kg

Waist: 28" | 71cm

Chest: 36" | 91cm

Neck: 16" | 41cm

Sleeve: 34" | 86cm

Inseam: 32" | 81cm

Shoe: 11" | 28cm